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On announcement of the TSO and the patented CiES Fuel Level system on Cirrus Production Aircraft,  we were approached by several Vans RV owner/builders. 

They asked us if we could build a fuel level sensor for the popular Van's Aircraft Series.

We thought about it & we talked with Van's, Garmin and Dynon.  it was easy to do (on initial thought) used the same housing as the Cirrus System, but we didn't get a whole lot of traction with the industry players

 At that time we were a new company and this is a new concept - measuring fuel in flight. 

Aviation is always skeptical until proven & there were very few systems in the field.  

A recent commercial vehicle project gave us a lower cost circuit card for use in a non certified aircraft component.  This circuit card could easily be used in aircraft as it contained many of the components used by our FAA TSO'd aircraft product.

The new circuitry utilizes an extended temperature range microprocessor  vs. the aviation grade and high cost Field Programmable Gate Array.

The microprocessor allows us the flexibility to output a variety of signals - Resistance, Voltage or Frequency. 

We can interface with any display.  Please let us know if you are interested in this product.



Fuel Level Sender