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Fuel Senders for Crash Resistant Fuel Systems

The NTSB In it's July 2015 Safety Recommendation Stated the following 

Between 1994 and 2013, the NTSB has investigated at least 135 accidents in the United States involving certificated helicopters of various models that resulted in a postcrash fire. Those accidents resulted in 221 fatalities and 37 serious injuries. Only three of the accident helicopters that experienced postcrash fire had crash-resistant fuel systems and crashworthy fuel tanks.

CiES In supports Crashworthy Helicopter fuel tanks by folding out of the way,  Metal Capacitive probes punch through the tank in a crash and redeemer the crashworthiness of the system void.

When you combine CiES crashworthiness capability, our intrinsically safe non-contact fuel level measurement methodology, our class leading reliability  and our outstanding reporting capability

 It is a winning fuel quantity combination for any application -