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Comparison of Aviation Fuel Level Technologies
Aircraft Resistive Fuel Level Sender
Comparative Chart of Aircraft Fuel Level Technologies
Legacy Aircraft Fuel Level Brochure

Capacitive Fuel Sender

A variable capacitor whose capacitance changes as the liquid fills the gap between a tube and a rod.  Because capacitive fuel senders are temperature sensitive, a reference capacitor of similar size is used to help negate the effect of temperature, the principle being that both capacitors will be effected similarly and by reading the difference we rule out the temperature effect.  They are quite resilient to tank slosh by virtue of the fuel only getting between the tubes via a small hole, so some capacitive senders are mechanically damped.

How do we compare:

Fuel Sender technology has been stable over the last 80 years and while there are recent advances in alternate technology.

The legacy method to measure fuel in aircraft has been:

  • Capacitive

  • Resistive 

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