CiES CC-Series fuel senders are TSO certified to C55a and associated SAE AS405C.

They have met all the DO-160(F) and DO-254 DAL (Design Assurance Level) Level D requirements for the TSO.

Note:  The conditions and tests required for TSO approval of this instrument are minimum performance standards.  Those installing this instrument, on or in a specific type or class of aircraft, must determine that the aircraft installation conditions are within the TSO standards. TSO articles must have separate approval for installation in an aircraft. The instrument may be installed only according to 14 CFR part 43 or the applicable airworthiness requirements.

FAA TSO C55a​ Fuel Level

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FAA TSO C55a                            General Specification

Floats, arm lengths, and travel angles vary depending on tank dimension and application.

Mounting / Installation

Note:  Hardware is “NOT” supplied with senders unless requested. We recommend AN, AS, NAS, MS or equivalent hardware.

CiES senders are designed to be a side or top mount configuration. Torque screws 18-22 in. lbs. using a crossing pattern. Warning:  Over torqueing or using a circular pattern may cause “damage” to gasket and/or sender.

FAA TSO Approval