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Maybe I am an oddball. I just cannot imagine why any pilot would not want super accurate fuel gages - putting dollars aside - that seems like a no-brainer to me. My brother, Kurt, and I met with Scott and got the pitch at Oshkosh last summer. I think he has done a tremendous service to GA with the development of CIES fuel senders and have put them on my list of "to do's" for my Baron. Kurt has already put them in his Bonanza and is very happy with the result.Type your paragraph here.


Sorry for the delayed response. I've flown 30 hours with the new units and they're awesome. I am much more confident stretching my flights to 5 hours knowing the fuel on board accurately, and partial fueling is much more precise.

Installation, in the end, was not overly problematic, but it did take the guys a long time to figure out where and how to run the wires. Charged labor was 76 hours. No hiccups once calibrated, but that process also was poorly outlined. Overall installation was not straightforward, but I suspect it will be with practice..

Customer Responses


Great news Scott (and Shane)! The Aerospace Logic 'FL20xD' gauges and CiES sender combo is a superior and accurate solution to fuel level monitoring. Very happy with my install!.


I put in the JPI 930 and went ahead and bit the bullet on the CIES sender. When you a looking at spending a fair bit on money on the panel, it's really not that expensive. It's very reassuring to have the totalizer and the gauge agree within a couple of gallons. 

You can get yourself in trouble with total reliance on the totalizer. It's a garbage in garbage out device and you can get it out of sync with reality. I have personal experience with this which is probably why I didn't balk at the price. 

My old gauges were terrible. The JPI with the CIES senders always agrees with the totalizer within a couple of gallons and it's within a gallon when the total fuel in the mains gets below around 30 gallons.  

Is it an absolutely must have? No. But the new technology is clearly better and it's certainly an upgrade that I'm happy is available for my old plane.


I was first time sender / gauge install for my shop. Charged 40 hrs labor for install. (They said it was very simple and straight forward)

I asked every member of the shop to watch the YouTube video from Aerospace Logic  for the calibration process. It's actually easy to do. As with everything, garbage in = garbage out.

One of my most valuable installs. Nothing better than knowing, DOWN TO THE 1/10th gallon, how much gas you have. 

As far as Aerospace Logic goes... Outstanding product. Aerospace Logic  service is interesting. Overall, no regrets.