CiES is the recognized leader in the design, development, certification, and manufacture of electronic sensor solutions for original equipment manufacturers, as well as direct-to-market consumer products.   Through the creative application of cutting edge technologies, we create complex end to end solutions.   Our solutions include the IoT capability for mobile and cloud based components and interfaces.  ​

Our talented and cross functional teams encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and we thrive in a culture of innovation in every aspect of our business. 

We Embrace Challenges

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CiES invented the use of magneto resistive sensors to measure fuel and we are the industry leader in this technology.


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​​We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, you’ll always choose us for your fuel and liquid level sending needs. 

For most people fuel level measurement is a really a guesstimate of the fuel in the tank.


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About CiES

We choose aviation as the launch platform for our fuel level technology.  As there was a critical need for a better technology.  But in the air, on the water,  or on the ground we have a fuel quantity solution. 

why ciES

Our technology spans the fuel level sending field.  We can measure any liquid (fuel or otherwise)

We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of application or difficulty.

Critical Applications

First to Patent AMR Magnetic Field Fuel Level

Once we have installed magnetic field fuel sensing on your platform,  we have solved your fuel level sensing problems.  Magnetic Field is the new technology in fuel level sensing. 


We’re committed to accurate, safe and reliable fuel level.  Bring us your fuel level sending issues & see what our technology and commitment to quality