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Universal Fuel Level SENDING UNIT

 magneto Resistive Contactless FUEL LEVEL

Forget what you thought you knew about fuel level senders, 

Magneto Resistive is the next fuel level technology breakthrough.



While we specialize in supporting OEM applications in all transportation fields,  we have developed several kits to bring your aircraft fuel level system up to date.

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Magneto Resistive

Fuel Level Sending Systems


FAA TSO C55a Approved 

Cirrus Aircraft Fuel Level Sender Retrofit
Contactless Fuel Level Sender

​​Cies Inc manufactures universal contactless fuel level senders utilizing our patented Magneto Resistive technology.   While we specialize in aircraft and UAV fuel level measurement, the fact is, that legacy aircraft fuel level measurement relied on a universal fuel level unit from other ground based applications such as farm equipment, marine and heavy equipment.   Equally our magneto resistive senders are finding applications outside the aviation field & our contactless fuel sender technology makes CiES ideal for Propane fuel level applications as well.