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January 2017 Flying Magazine 

There is even a rumor the makes the audacious (and erroneous) claim that a fuel gauge is required to read zero only when the tank is empty.

March 2017 Aviation Consumer 

"The future of aircraft fuel gauges seems focused on magnetic senders with digital outputs like the technology found in CiES senders. They’re standard in some OEM applications and the STC list for retrofit is growing." 

CiES accomplishments mentioned in Aviation Consumer
"“The SR22T's fuel capacity is 93 gallons and fuel management is a no-brainer thanks to the range / endurance utility on the MFD. The navigation page tells you everything you need to know about your current fuel status, including the exact amount of fuel that's on board and the calculated FOD, which is the fuel remaining over destination.  Zoom out on the map and fuel range rings show the endurance. For instance, you can set the utility so it draws a dotted green range ring, which tells you where on the map there will be one hour of fuel remaining. A solid ring tells you where you'll run out of gas. Enrich the mixture and you'll see those range rings shrink as the fuel flow goes up. Anyone who runs out of fuel in this airplane deserves the Darwin award. In addition to the map and digital fuel gauges, the PFD has six different annunciators warning you of the pending trophy. An on-screen scheduler tells you when to switch tanks.” 


" Gone are the mechanical fuel quantity gauges that used to live next to the fuel selector between the two seats.

Instead, new fuel-level senders with electronic fuel quantity data is displayed on-screen, providing far more precision than most mechanical fuel gauges.

The system helps keep fuel balanced between the left and right tank, periodically reminding the pilot to switch tanks with onscreen CAS alert messaging and warnings" 

May 2013 Flying Magazine 

Well this is A General Aviation first  - Recognition in the press or an editorial resulting from a flight utilizing our fuel level sending technology.

​When reading about all the very significant changes made for the new 2013 G5 Cirrus.  You will see the mention of accurate fuel level - not once but three times.

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