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Forget what you thought you knew about fuel level senders, 

Magneto Resistive is the next fuel level technology breakthrough.



While we specialize in supporting OEM applications in all transportation fields,  we have developed several kits to bring your aircraft fuel level system up to date.

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While my aircraft (NA G3 #3813 Perspective) was down for for an annual, I had the new CiES digital fuel indication system installed. The maintenance crew had recently received the benefit of Scott Philiben's tutelage on the intricacies of this installation, and I was in line next for the retrofit. Two points of observation:

1 - Fuel quantities are now precise and crisp. No longer do I tend to disbelieve fuel gauge indications because of erratic needles.

Now there is no "negotiating" with myself of how much fuel I probably have. The installation includes calibration at 2 gallon intervals from "Zero Fuel" empty to full.  In my opinion, the replacement round gauge on the center panel is superior to the Perspective MFD indication.  Fuel quantity and balance is abundantly clear.

2 - Choice of shop doing the work is very important. With the changes in wiring harnesses among all the iterations of Cirrus aircraft, there are a several unique and significant distinctions for each application. You need a knowledgable, detail-oriented, and thorough installer.


I just picked up MY aircraft, N874T SR20 - G3 Perspective with the new CiES digital fuel indication system- WOW, and it DOES show up on the Garmin Perspective system.

I only have 30 minutes flying with this, however, I believe this to be a game changer for anyone that has worried about the accuracy of the fuel gauges in their plane.


We I just picked up our Cirrus after they installed the new CiES digital fuel indication system. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a tool such as accurate fuel gauges.  By using these gauges, we will be able to accurately assess whether there is a fuel leak in the system as well as accurately managing fuel supply.  The gauges warn you (by turning yellow) when there is a fuel imbalance in excess of that prescribed in the POH.


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